About Family Carpets

Way back in 1982, Liz & Brian Scalise saw a need for a Shop-At-Home carpet service in the South Jersey area. They decided that they would work very hard and create a carpet company that would be known for competitive pricing, expert carpet installations and most importantly, first rate customer service. These folks are known around town as FAMILY CARPETS. When you call Family Carpets, Liz Scalise, is in the office and will answer the phone in her friendly and warm manner. She is there to help you make an appointment, to purchase carpeting or schedule the installation of your order; and of course, answer any questions, before, during and after your carpet installation. She keeps things running on time around the office and is dedicated to their customers needs.

Once you have made the appointment for your in home consultation, Brian Scalise, a 1974 Cinnaminson High School graduate, Athletic Hall-of-Fame inductee, and all- around nice guy, will arrive promptly at your home or office well prepared to handle most any carpet request. Brian has a selling style that feels just right. No high pressure selling from him, just patience and charm, with a witty sense of humor thrown in. His knowledge of carpeting and advice has proven so valuable to many customers over the 28 years. He always makes the appointment an enjoyable experience. On installation day, brothers Keith and Sam Reven will arrive at your home or office to install your carpet bringing with them years of experience. Their dedication to do the best job possible will be visible from the moment they enter your home. When the job is complete, the carpeted areas will be vacuumed and furniture returned to its proper spot. That is the old-fashioned type service that sets us apart from our competitors.

We asked Brian and Liz what was the motivation for beginning this small family business. Brian responded, “When we started this company we wanted to restore the faith in people who have been disillusioned by retailers that just don't care about the customer once a purchase has been made.”

"People want to feel secure and comfortable when making a purchase and having worked performed inside their home. We are a family business from sales through installation, and are serious about customer service. We value our customers' schedule and when we make an appointment, we are on time", added Liz Scalise. Family Carpets is an exclusive shop-at-home company that has eliminated the overhead of a showroom, without compromising the variety of carpet styles and colors to choose from, along with offering master craftsmanship of guaranteed carpet installations.